Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eight Postcards in March!

Hi guys, today I’m gonna show you eight postcards I received in March 2015.

Here we go…

The first card is from Anna in Russia. The Postcard ID is RU-3412175.

She wrote me :
“Hello, Saw! I’m Anna from Yekaterinburg. On a postcard is Sevastyanov’s House (citizens call it’s Trade Unions Building). This building is 200 years old. It’s the residence of the government and the president, when it happens in our city. Happy Postcrossing!”

Wow, it’s a colorful building! Thanks, Anna!

The second card is from Khrisin in Iceland. The Postcard ID is IS-20865.

He wrote me :
“Hello Saumi! I decided to Google Map your address and see where/how your neighborhood looks like. I have to admit it is quite different from Icelandic town/city views. We have had a rotten winter this year with too much snow, stormy weather and cold… I have had enough! Eventhough it’s called Iceland we usually have mild temperature. Well, best wishes to you. Krishin.”

This is the first view card from Iceland! I mentioned on my Postcrossing profile that I love my town Bogor because it has chilly temperature. Well, my town is always raining everyday and stormy sometime, but it’s still a warm and nice place to live.

The third card is from Jolanda in The Netherlands. The Postcard ID is NL-2896023.

She wrote me :
“Hi Saw, how are you doing? Hope you’re fine. I hope you like this card. In France you can often see fields full of sunflowers. We have them in The Netherlands also, but not that much. All the best, Jolanda.”

Yeay, I got the first view card from The Netherlands! It made me want to play and run in the sunflower field! But I thought that’s a bad idea…

The fourth card is from Bianca in The Netherlands. The Postcard ID is NL-2884850.

She wrote me :
“Hello Saw. I’m Bianca, 43 years, Civil Engineer in tunnels and bridges. For recipes of dutch food look at : maybe you find something you like. I wish you all the best and lots of great postcards. Happy Postcrossing, Bianca.”

Aww, I love your postcard, Bianca!!! Now I’m craving tons of stroopwafel! Somebody please help meee!!!

The fifth card is from Lora in Belarus. The Postcard ID is BY-1542926.

She wrote me :
“Hello Saumi. Happy birthday! I wish you good luck! I have garden flowers, chicken of Miss Marple and Poirot Rooster. With love, Lora.”

This is the first card from Belarus! Snow, snow everywhere! I really want to build a snowman and sing along with my nieces!

The sixth card is from Yanina in Belarus. The Postcard ID is BY-1542359.

She wrote me :
“Hello! My name is Yanina. On March 13 I will turn 23 years old. In my house lives a cat Vasilia. It makes me happy.”

Hello Yanina. I have a cat too in my house, Beibi. Her mom died when Beibi turn 5 months last week and I’m really sad until now.

The seventh card is from Irene in Canada. The Postcard ID is CAN-79.

She wrote me :
“Greetings from Canada, Saw! This is our most famous waterfall : Niagara Falls. Good luck in your studies! Take care, Irene.”

Multi-view card!!!

The last one is from Denise in USA. The Postcard ID is USA-302.

He wrote me :
“Dear Saw, happy to learn about you and your love for so many languages, It’s amazing to be able to learn so many on your own. I love NY, I love walking in the city and to visit museums, eat, go to some shows, very rare, but I enjoy having the city close by. Best wishes, Denise.”

And I love to ride my motorbike when it’s almost dawn in my town (around 3-4 a.m). It’s very quiet and calming.

That's it. That's all from me. If you have  story about your postcard, please leave a comment below. If you want to swap a card with me, please leave a comment below. But remember, I only have view cards. Happy Postcrossing!

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