Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Very First Received Postcard

 Hello guys, today I'm gonna show you my collection. I'm so excited, yeah!!!

Here is my very first postcard. It's from Susan in Toronto, Canada. The postcard ID is CA-487647.

Toronto, Canada

She wrote me :
"Bonjour Saw, comment allez-vous? Although I'm Canadian I'm not bilingual sadly. I do want to work more to improve my French! I hope you are well and enjoy the holiday season. Happy Postcrossing!
Au revoir, Susan."


Here's a postcard from Christina in Michigan, USA. The poscard ID is US-3116390.

The postcard shows us a Christmas message 'Peace on Earth' sign seen on the banks of the Cass River in downtown Frankenmuth. Snow, snow everywhere!

She wrote me :
"Hello Saw! I love reading when I can. And when I am not reading or crafting, I am day-dreaming. I live with my two friends and my two cats. Happy Holidays and Happy Postcrossing!"

I got 'em on December, 29th 2014. After almost 2 months waiting in vain for the first received postcard and a long-and-exhausting trip from Yogyakarta, finally I can have a big smile. It made my day! I looove it! The reason why I love this card is ... it's a viewcard! Yes, I really love viewcard because I can see and "travel" to a beautiful city or the iconic city monument or the historical building through the postcard. :)

So, what is your very first postcard? Tell me about your first postcard story on the comment below. Happy Postcrossing! Have a great day!

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