Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thirteen Postcards in February!

Hi guys, today I’m gonna show you thirteen postcards I received in February 2015. Yes, 13 postcards!!! Sooo happy…

Here we go…

Warning, it would be a very long post on my blog!

The first card is from Lucie in Czech Republic. The Postcard ID is CZ-581860.

She wrote me :
“Many greetings from The Czech Republic. I hope you like this postcard – I think it’s amazing. It shows the capital of the region where I live. It has about 100,000 people and the square is one of the largest in Czech. In the middle, there is the Samson’s Fountain. I live about 30 kms from there and I go there on weekend for a photocourse which I got for Christmas from my husband. I’m really looking forward to it. I have never been Indonesia but I would really love to go there one day… Have a great time. Bye, Lucie.”

It’s the first official postcard coming from Czech and it’s a very beautiful view card! After saw this card, I thought I wanna spend my holiday there for a whole month just for enjoying the sunset. Haha…

The second card is from Anita in Finland! The Postcard ID is FI-2299172.

She wrote me :
“Hello, Saw! We have now snow on the ground here in Finland. I love traveling, languages, and books too. Best wishes, Anita.”

Hohoho, it’s the first official postcard coming from Finland! Snow, snow everywhere! Me like it!

The third card is from Chris in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-3886795.

He wrote me :
“Hi Saumi, my name is Chris and I’m living in Germany. In front you can see ports of my hometown. This city based on coal-mining and iron industry in the last century. It’s a city of workers, with humours people, which are very open! In this city you can find people from all around the world – a place to see! Greets, Chris.”

This is the first multi-view card from Germany. Honestly at the first time I got the card, I couldn’t read his handwriting. But thanks to my detective skill, I can decode it! Well, it’s the art of sending and receiving postcards from strangers all around the world, isn’t it?

The fourth card is from Grany in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-3836205.

He wrote me :
“Many greetings from Germany. The card shows you Trier, which is the oldest city in Germany. Happy Postcrossing!”

Yeay, multi view card again! I really like the buildings and wish I could visit Germany one day!

The fifth card is from Antje in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-3952109.

She wrote me :
“Hello Saw. Today’s greetings are from Wuppertal, Germany! ‘Home of the flying trains’. I wish you a wonderful life. Have fun! Carpe Diem, Antje.”

And I wish Indonesia have flying trains like in your country, Antje…

The sixth card is from Fangfang in China. The Postcard ID is CN-1529872.

She wrote me :
“Hello Saumi, my name is Fangfang. I’m living in Shanghai, one of the most prosperous cities in China. This card is about the road of Shanghai. I hope you like it!”

Well, I really like it! It reminded about my mom. She went there several times for business trip when I was a kid. Yep, her company always sent her to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, and some cities in Japan. I miss her so much!

The seventh card is from Steffi in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-3952166.


She wrote me :
“Hi! I’m Steffi from Regensburg and I’m 30 years old. I wish you many fun with this card. Happy Postcrossing!”

Happy new year! Happy Postcrossing to you too!!!

The eighth card is from Jeff in USA. The Postcard ID is US-3206798.

He wrote me :
“Hi, I got this card from the gift shop of an old fort, at the scenic straits of Mackinac, my favorite vacation destination. Control of the straits was very important during the fur trade era. The fish and water are very tasty. 90 minutes north are the world’s busiest locks. Jeff.”

Jeff was sent me a letter too, describing his city and fun fact about English. Thanks so much, Jeff! The other thing that made me happy doing Postcrossing is… I can learn history or something new from my new friend from the other side of the world.

The ninth card is from Sven in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-3952089.

He wrote me :
“Salut Saumi, je vais essayer à écrire en français. La problème c’est que j’ai appris cette langue il y a 30 ans quand j’étais au lycée, mais j’espère que tu me comprendras. J’habite dans une village à la Barière près de la frontier Thceque et on a aussi beaucoup de la neige que sur la carte postale. J’espère que tu vas bien. Amicalement, Sven.”

Translation : Hello Saw, I try to write in French. The problem is… I had learned French 30 years ago when I was in high school, but I hope you will understand my writing. I live in a village at Barier near perbatasan Czech and we have a lot of snow just like on the postcard. I hope you doing well. Best wishes, Sven.

Ah, finalement j’ai reçu une carte en français! Je pense qu’il parle encore couramment le français. Finally I received a card in French! I think he still speaks French very well. Merci, Sven!

The tenth card is from Alex in Russia. The Postcard ID is RU-3327189.


He wrote me :
“Hi, I’m Alex. This is one of my first postcard. Good luck in Postcrossing!”

Thanks, Alex!

The eleventh card is from Ya-Ling in Taiwan. The Postcard ID is TW-1500372.

She wrote me :
“Hello, my name is Ya-Ling. I’m from Taiwan and I live in a small town called Yuanlin. I hope you enjoy this card. Happy Postcrossing!”

Have a nice day Ya-Ling!

The twelfth is from Dennis in USA. The Postcard ID is US-3206785.

He wrote me :
“Hello from Los Angeles! Hope you are well. I am a 34 years old attorney. I am married with a daughter and 2 cats. I love to read, watch comedies, and drink tea. Best wishes, Dennis.”

Hawaii! I wanna dance right now… Hula-hula…


The last one is from Anna in Russia. The Postcard ID is RUS-821.


She wrote me :
“Hello! My name is Arina! I live in Russia in the city of Cherepovets. I hope you enjoy my card. This card with my city. Good luck with the study of languages!”

Well, this is my very first postcard I received from Postcard United friend. Postcard United site technically works like Postcrossing.

That's it. That's all from me. If you have  story about your postcard or you want to send and receive a postcard from/to me, please leave a comment below. Happy Postcrossing! Have a great day guys!

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