Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thirteen Postcards in August

Hello guys, today I’m gonna show you 13 postcards I received in August 2015. Here we go… It would be a quite long post on my blog…

The first card is from Yvonne in Taiwan. The Postcard ID is TW-1676437.

Native Wood Art - TAIWAN
She wrote me :
“Hello Saumi. Greetings from Taiwan. I'm Yvonne. Wow~~ You can speak many languages. I can read a little German. Btw, I also like to cook. I joined the baking club in college, and it was so interesting that made many kinds of deser. Welcome to Taiwan, Have a nice day!”

Thank you, Yvonne!

The second card is from Dina in United States. The Postcard ID is US-3514103.

The Golden Triangle - Pittsburgh
She wrote me :
“Hi Saw. My name is Dina and this is my pretty city. I live about 8 kms up the left river. I make Italian food (my Dad's father came to the US from Italy in the early 1900s), my grand uncle taught me to cook Italian! I also enjoy sports, watching tv shows in the evening while croheting. I am currently making Minion beanic hats. I like to read mysteries too. Happy Postcrosing!”

Thank you, Dina! Happy Postcrossing!

The third card is from Helen in Taiwan. The Postcard ID is TW-1676434.

She wrote me :
“Hi Saumi. Greetings from Taiwan. I'm Helen, a high school student and live in Thaicung! I also love cooking! But I cook not good... My favorite dish is mashed potatoes! It really great! And it also I cook so many times' dish! It's easy and tastes good! What's your favorite dish? Hope you like this card! Have a nice day!"

Thank you, Helen! I love cooking Italian food and I love mashed potatoes too. Happy Postcrossing!

The fourth card is from Weena in Thailand. The Postcard ID is TH-204431.

She wrote me :
“Hello (sawasdee) Saw, warmest greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lum Pong) is the main railway station in Thailand. It was opened in 1916. The station was built in an Italian Neo-Renaissance style with decorated wooden roofs and stained glass windows. Best wishes, Weena."

Thank you, Weena! Happy Postcrossing!

The fifth card is from Andrea in Spain. The Postcard ID is ES-364931.

Ciudade de las Artes y las Ciencias (L'Henusferic)
She wrote me :
“Hola Saw, que tal? (Hi Saw, how are you?) I'm Andrea from Spain. It's great that you like languages, it's very useful to learn! I'm bilingual Spanish-Catalan, and I studied two more languages : English (obligatory at school) and French (I love this language!) and it's very similar to Catalan. Spain is very diverse country and, in addition to Spanish, there are six more official languages. So it's easy to find people who speak at least two languages. Espero que te guste mucho la postal. Que pases um buen verano y saludos esde Espana!"

Gracias, Andrea! Me gusta su postal! Happy Postcrossing!

The sixth card is from Francois in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-4411739.

Kanal im Spreewalddorf Lehde
He wrote me :
“Bonjour Saw! Je m'appelle Francois, je suis un ingenieur en electronique expatrie a Munich en Allemagne. Je vis avec ma femme chinoise. Je suis impressione de trouver un etudiant en litterature francaise en Indonesie! Quels sont les auteurs preferes? J'aime beaucoup Theopile Gautier et Boris Vian, un peu fantastique! Take care!"

Salut Francois! J'aime bien Le Clezio et Albert Camus. Happy Postcrossing!

The seventh card is from Pairi in Finland. The Postcard ID is FI-2450297.

She wrote me :
“Hello Saw! Greetings from Imatra, Finland. You like to learn languages? Try Finnish! You will not be bored ever again. We have beautiful, but hard language. In fact our language has been chosen world's most beautiful language. Winning sentence was 'Aja hiljaa sillalla' which means drive slowly at bridge. I hope you like this beatiful scenery card of Finnish Summer. All the best for you!"

The eighth card is from Hans in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-4380485.

He wrote me :
“Many greetings from the 1200 years old town Halle in East Gernmany, birth place of the world known composer G.F. Handel."

Happy Postcrossing, Hans!

The ninth card is from Daniels in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-4158816.

He wrote me :
“Dear Saw, sunny greetings from Duesseldorf, Gernmany! I really liked the things you wrote about yourself! Duesseldorf isn't far away from France by the way. And as you I like the French people, the food, the french culture (love their films!) and the language very much. Although for me it's a very difficult language. So I have great respect for you studying French Literature and learning all those languages! Have a lot of fun with it! I hope you can enjoy a lot more trips with Maxi! Best wishes, Daniels."

Thank you, Daniels. Means a lot for me! Happy Postcrossing!

The tenth card is from Jules in United States. The Postcard ID is US-3493520.

She wrote me :
“Hello! I have never been to North Dakota but it looks beautiful and cold. We are having a wet summer her in West Virginia!"

Happy Postcrossing, Jules!

The eleventh card is from Watt in Thailand. The Postcard ID is TH-203461.

She wrote me :
“Sorry I send you quite late, maybe 4 days after I clicked send button. Anyway, I used to learn french and spanish because of its easier pronunciation and read. I can't read French sometime, esp. ending of words. Hahaha."

Keep practicing your french, Watt, coz practice makes perfect! Happy Postcrossing!

The twelfth card is from Roger in Canada. The Postcard ID is CA-548756.

He wrote me :
“Dear friend, Happy Postcrossing from the province of New Brunswick, Canada."

Happy Postcrossing, Roger!

The last card is from Maren in Germany. The Postcard ID is DE-4399220.

He wrote me :
“Hello Saw, I send you a lot of greetings from the river Elbe by Hamburg, Germany. I love this river very much, because there is always much fresh wind and a good ocean-smell. And Iove cooking too. I wish you, your family and MaXi all the best! Best regards from Germany."

Thank you, Maren. All the best for you too! Happy Postcrossing!

Well, that's it!

If you want to exchange postcard with me, don't hesitate to ask in the comment box below. You can leave your address there and I will send you a postcard very soon!

Happy Postcrossing and have a great day

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