Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two Postcard in June... But...........

Hello guys, been a while I didn't post any update here. I was so busy in the last three months and I couldn't have spare time to write a postcard (as Postcrossing rule, if I didn't send my postcard so I wouldn't receive any postcard). So, today I’m gonna show you two postcards I received in June 2015. 

Here we go...

The first postcard is from Olga in USA. The postcard ID is US-3380015.

She wrote me :
"Hello Saumi! My name is Olga. I'm Russian, but live now near Washington D.C. I hope you like this postcard with symbils of the capital of the USA. Now the Capitol is under construction, covered all over by scaffolds (maybe you see on the news from Washington). Anyway this building is so beautiful. I wish you all the best and Happy Postcrossing!"

The last postcard is from Justyna in Poland. The postcard ID is PL-1062410.

She wrote me :
"Hi Saw! My name is Justyna, I'm the 25 years old PhD (in chemistry) student from Poland. I love spending my free time in my garden (or my kitchen, next to the window watching birds, reading or simply dreaming). We are so lucky that we can dream! Wish you all the best!"

Well, that's all from June. Yep, I was so sad, but a reply from someone really made my day instantly! I will show you a pretty card from Leigh Anne Tuohy. I really touched by her kindness to Michael Oher. Go watch "The Blind Side" movie!

She wrote me :
"AND... you are so far away; I was not sure my text would go there! Thank you for the kind letter. I loved hearing your story. God never takes us down a path that we do not learn something. Those journeys give us experiences to make a differences in the lives of others. I firmly believe you are one that can change the world. Thank you again for sharing. Stand up and defend those that can not! Be Blessed Saumi!"

OMG! I didn't expect she will reply very fast! Her words are so inspiring. Thank you, Leigh Anne!

Ah... Me so happy!!! Can't stop smiling and showing her letter to my family and friends!!!

Have a great day, guys! Happy Postcrossing!

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