Salut / Hola / Ola / Ciao / Hello,

Greetings from Indonesia!

My name is Saumi, but you can simply call me Saw. I have a 'boyfriend' and already have 8 years of relationship. His name is MaXi...my motorbike. Hahaha ;)

I was born and raised in Kota Bogor (a city about 60 kms from Jakarta), and known as rain city due to its intensity of rain fall. I love Bogor because its temperature (chilly), the fresh air and the people who lives there (very nice and kind).

I really love traveling and adventuring with MaXi, books are my constant companion, I'm a dream-catcher, and I love French (culture, people and language). Well, I love cooking too! I prefer to cook Western food -especially Italian food- than Indonesian food. :D

Currently I'm a French Literature student in University of Indonesia. Yes, I like to learn languages! In my spare time, I learn Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch by myself / autodidact. I hope I could learn Russian, Hebrew and Indian (you know Shah Rukh Khan, don't you?) in the future. :)

Postcards are my long-lost friends.

I love receiving postcards about your city or country (beautiful scenery, monument, old building, mountain, cave, waterfall, etc) and "Greetings From" card. And if you sending me a postcard with your address on it, I'll send you a 'thank you' postcard. :)

Happy Postcrossing!

Warm regards,

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